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ve. - Host your Event in a Virtual Space

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

VE. as a corporate metaverse platform offers our clients a customizable virtual experience with which brands can address new target groups. Be it in virtual showrooms, trade fairs, conferences or even concerts. Now we have further optimized our solution so that it can also be used for individual events at short notice.


Our Corporate Metaverse solution ve. is from now on not only usable as a permanent platform. In the future, the Virtual Space can also be booked or rented for individual one-day events. Within a few days, companies can set up their own exclusive event space, product showroom or workshop space on the platform. The virtual space can be used on all devices (smartphones, laptops, desktops) directly in the web browser without any additional app installation.

With ve. passive livestreams and boring online events can become an exciting interactive experience, which makes the brand and products for customers and guests to experience in a new way.

Custom Event Space as Mobile-First

The platform already offers a wide range of functionalities for one-day events and is particularly convincing due to its flexibility and scalability. The web-based event space can be accessed both as a freely configurable avatar and in orbit mode (no avatars, but first-person perspective) and is primarily optimized for mobile devices. The placement of corporate design or brand elements (color, logo, etc.) ensures recognition of the user's own brand.

If desired, the platform can also be exclusively accessible only to selected guests. An individual event URL and shortcodes for log-in are used for this purpose. Furthermore, website data (external and internal pages with images, text, videos & links) can also be integrated to showcase additional information about the company or products as well as eCom features in the Event Space.

The big Lobby space with it's Call Zone & Display Walls
The Showroom within the Eventspace on ve.

An interactive virtual event experience

Networking areas with the ability for video or audio chats in the so-called "Call Zones" as well as collaborative work with embedded tools ensure an impactful event experience. In addition, live streams or pre-recorded can be broadcasted for the audience on large display walls on various stages. Supplemented by text chats and emoji function, the event experience becomes through live reaction a social and emotional experience.

An advanced planning and agenda tool can also be used to create a wide range of schedules - from individual events all the way complex conferences. This way it doesn't matter whether events are planned for one day, one month or even up to one year.

Networking & Collaboration area with embedded tools

The next, first steps

We are looking forward to supporting your brand on the way to your individual virtual event experience. After you have decided on the duration and type of your event, our team will start to implement your personal event space.

In addition to the unique URL, we will integrate the assets provided by you at the desired spots. In addition, we integrate the registration process (login) as well as the schedule, to pave the way for your pre-event marketing activations.

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