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Corporate Metaverse Platform - Roland Berger

Based on our corporate metaverse platform, we created a custom virtual event experience for Roland Berger together with the event agency CE+Co. The innovative web experience enables visitors from all over the world to come together and creates a sense of community in the digital space. Attracting visitors with inspiring live talks, collaborative workshops and breakout sessions as well as valuable on-demand content.

Challenge the new normal

Covid-19 still has the world under control. Therefore events all over the world faced a special challenge: How can we connect people emotionally when they are apart?

Worldwide event series

The aim is to develop a platform for a worldwide series of events that can be used for both internal and external purposes. The focus is to create a community feeling and a space for cooperation and dialogue. But this is exactly what many online formats are still lacking.

A platform that connects

In order to master this challenge, we have developed a virtual event platform that focuses on emotionality and liveliness. A platform that brings people from all over the world together and offers them the opportunity to collaborate and exchange ideas – regardless of their device.

Social Gathering

In order to convey the feeling of a social gathering in the virtual world, each participant is shown in real time with a glowing particle in the 3D world. Therefore participants can see where there’s currently a lot going on before they decide to join. Via emojis, visitors can share their emotions live with the community and bring the platform to life. When selected, they appear above the respective particle of the user and thus directly reflect the mood of the crowd.

Exceptional 3D environment

In an intensive concept art phase, we created a unique 3D environment that allows the participants to immerse themselves in a new world. A floating island with abstract rooms forms the starting point for the visitors and enables an optimal overview of the platform.

Emotional onboarding

After the initial registration, the visitor is guided through an intro sequence. The emotional onboarding guides them through the virtual 3D world, while the most important areas and features of the platform are explained.

The heart of the experience

The arena is the heart of the experience. It is the place where participants come together to follow live talks and presentations. Speakers that are at the studio or at home are broadcasted live into the arena - just like recently Sigmar Gabriel, who participated as a speaker for an external event on the platform. Further rooms offer access to various workshops, break-out sessions or on-demand content. Interactive hotspots guide the user intuitively through the application.

Let's connect

A comprehensive event chat enables the exchange between participants and event moderators and facilitates Q&A sessions during a live presentation. The guests can network with one another via private 1:1 and group chats. In addition, the participants can start a spontaneous video call with a selected user group at any time.

Personalized event agenda

The agenda entries maintained in the backend can be assigned to different user groups. Thus, each participant receives an agenda tailored to him. Via the menu the user can get an overview of upcoming live sessions and talks at any time. Right before the start, the user is reminded by an on platform notification.

Blueprint for further events

At the first event, the platform welcomed 300 visitors from 33 different countries. The event platform is now used by Roland Berger for internal and external events and is constantly being developed. The virtual event platform offers a future-oriented alternative with new possibilities that go far beyond the pandemic.

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