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Virtual Festival Space - Kollektiv Turmstrasse

What do DJs do when their long awaited new record is published in a time when there is no festival taking place, not a single club allowed to open? They open their own club. For the release of "Unity of Opposites #1" by Kollektiv Turmstraße, we developed a virtual metaverse space of its own. A futuristic 3D world where you can actually dance and enjoy the music in great company without breaking the rules of social distancing. Welcome to the future Club!

A holistic experience

A holistic experience

Kollektiv Turmstraße has been famous for extremely danceable music and memorable festival appearances since more than ten years. Time to go off the beaten track, thought Nico Plagemann and Christian Hilscher and created the first concept album of their career: "Unity of Opposites #1". And they didn't stop there. They wanted to create a holistic experience around their music. Combine the audio with a visual experience. And that's where they found their partner in crime in Demodern.

Designed to dance

We created a virtual space, a futuristic landscape, where users aka guests enjoy the atmosphere of a club or a festival. Their avatars are able to move around freely, the DJ set is streamed live from the studio and projected onto huge video walls on the dance floor. There's a bar. Thus, guests enjoy audio, video and community in one place. And of course the record release is just the beginning ... .

Welcome to the future club

We didn't want to be short on the real club experience. So we created a journey that is close to real-life. Guests buy a ticket and choose their avatar. They enter the space, passing a bouncer to find a cool, dark and dystopian yet futuristic areal with a bar where they can get themselves some neon accessories and a rooftop floor where they can beam themselves up to have an overview and get new perspectives on the scenery.

A perfect choreography

The live stream is central. It connects the real studio, thus the artists with the virtual space - the community. To make this a seamless and absolutely stunning live experience we have to coordinate light and atmosphere neatly.

Just like 1998

Kollektiv Turmstrasse takes the center stage. They stream their set live and are able to interact with their fans. The community shows appreciation by emojis and of course avatars dance frenetically.

Light and sound

Complex animated visuals are adapted to speed and atmosphere of the music. Sound analysis matches the light show and the beat. Thus we create an atmosphere that refers so closely to real life, you might feel like actually in you famous club.

The avatars

User chose an avatar, pimp it with some neon accessories at the bar and then go over to the dance floor. Where they chose their dance moves intuitively from eight different options. Simply by using an interaction wheel.

A landscape to admire

From the roof terrace there is a view of the entire futuristic club landscape.

Just the beginning

The record "Unity of Opposites #1" is for a reason titled number one. The space is not simply a Covid alternative - neither for the Kollektiv Turmstrasse nor for Demodern or the part taking users of the first event. It's a project that reaches far beyond today. And there's a lot more to come. Stay tuned!

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